Construction Consulting

for Current AND Future Homeowners

Our Consulting service delivers more bang for your buck!


Do you want to build, renovate, or merely upgrade your home?

– Are you interested in being your own Builder/General Contractor?
– Have design ideas, but no clue how to get them on paper?
– Unsure of the “plans to production” process?
– Don’t know what products or technologies are right for your project?
– Need someone to handle the legwork so you can just focus the build?
– Afraid you can’t handle the tools/equipment and would like learn how?
– Baffled by what trades your project will require if hiring?
– Concerned about “special needs” in your home?
– Can’t figure out what to budget for a project?
– Looking for ideas in general?

Then youve come to the right place!


WITHOUT a consultant your project will (statistically):

  • Take LONGER than expected
  • Cost MORE than budgeted
  • BREAK up your family
  • RUIN a relationship
  • CAUSE health issues
  • NOT meet expectations
  • FAIL miserably

*75% of “distant” projects soared 55-100+% over budget!

*10% of those projects failed completely due to finance issues

*50% of projects caused relationship stress

*2 out of 50 broke up families/ruined relationships

*15 of 50 projects caused mental/physical health issues

Man on crutches with broken leg - photographer unknown
Consulting can prevent injuries, expenses and delays
None of the project I enquired about had fatalities, but online stats show there have been.
Many folks succumbed to tool/equipment related injuries.
Don’t just take my word for it, do some research/check out the links near the bottom of this page.

**40% of Canadians who only remodeled, went over budget (imagine a custom house!)

Your Project shouldn’t add to those stats – Consult a pro

Not to be taken lightly. For those adventurous enough to DIY a custom build or renovation; the process of design, deluge of decisions, avalanche of tasks and flood of invoices can be dramatically life-changing.

Many hundreds of thousands the world over attempt it every year, and a huge percentage don’t/won’t succeed. Of those who do, a great deal encounter dire consequences; relationships ruined, marriages/families torn apart, dreams shattered, and sleepless nights filled with anxiety. Some have succumbed to heavy financial burden, even bankruptcy, others hospitalized, lost their lives or worse, a combination of the above.

Framed photo of a couple under broken glass - photographer unknown
Build Consulting can prevent relationship breakdowns

With ABC your project(s) will always be successful.

Some of the Consulting Services we offer…

(Including; layout/design/plans for the following:)

The Build Project Itself – and your wants, needs, budget, etc.

Security –  electronic burglary alarms, security cameras, locks, bars and more

Communication – telephone, Internet, cable, satellite, wi-fi, intercom

Audiovisual – sound systems, TV/projector/screen installations, soundproofing, noise cancellation and masking – the works!

Electrical and Lighting – of all kinds

Plumbing, Roofing, Structure, Landscaping, Safety and SO much more

Assistance – choosing architects, designers, contractors, tools/equipment, etc.

Education – for tool and equipment use and safety

Answers – to questions about building permits, codes, etc.

AND professional Project Estimation

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Articulate Build Consulting logo (large)


Mike Holmes – Renovation Stress

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Learn from those who didn’t hire a consultant…

Incredible real-life stories about people building Dream Homes:

CBC Television’s Grand Designs – Hosted by designer and writer Kevin McCloud, who highlights the (mental, physical, emotional and financial) trials/tribulations of the process.

Below are a couple of very noteworthy articles for even more insight…

→When the harder choice makes sense←
→What it’s like to build in the Tropics←

*Based on a survey of 50 homeowners from North, South and Central America, Trinidad/Tobago and a few from the EU. Statistic numbers have been rounded-up. “Distant” meaning away fromyour home area.

**Based on the 2013 Houzz & Home Survey of over 100,000 Canadians

***If you are not completely satisfied with or your project goes over the pre-discussed/agreed budget by over 15%.

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